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Manthan – a restaurant by Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan

Discover Manthan – The Indian Restaurant

Manthan, the Indian restaurant led by chef Rohit Ghai, serves as a vivid testament to his rich gastronomic journey. Hailing from the vibrant markets of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, where he spent his formative years, Ghai’s roots are deeply entwined with diverse regional cuisines. Honing his culinary skills, Ghai traversed professional kitchens globally. He absorbed a kaleidoscope of flavours and mastered a plethora of cookery techniques. The culmination of these experiences is evident in the dynamic fusion that defines his latest venture in Mayfair.

Embarking on his culinary odyssey, Ghai, at the Indian restaurant, meticulously explores the intricate tapestry of tastes. Furthermore, he draws inspiration from the heart of India to the far reaches of international cuisine. Moreover, the vibrant spices of Delhi, the rustic charm of Uttar Pradesh, the royal decadence of Rajasthan, and the soulful essence of Madhya Pradesh coalesce seamlessly. They form the foundation of Ghai’s culinary creations. In other words, in his Mayfair kitchen, each ingredient tells a story. It weaves a narrative reflecting not only his culinary expertise but also the cultural diversity that has shaped him.

Additionally, Ghai effortlessly transitions from his roots to global kitchens. He brings a unique perspective to his Mayfair establishment, infusing it with global flair while retaining the authenticity of regional flavours. In fact, the menu mirrors the chef’s personal evolution. It’s a curated symphony of tastes, reflecting culinary revelations from the corners of the world. As patrons indulge in Manthan’s offerings, they embark on a gastronomic journey. Overall, this journey transcends borders and celebrates the universal language of food.


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“I’ve never cooked this way before in London – dishes that truly speak to my past, as well as my present.



This is Ghai’s second restaurant with business partner Abhishake Sangwan (the first, Kutir, opened in Chelsea in 2018). Notably, leading some of the UK’s more decorated establishments, the duo earned a Michelin star. Now, they return to Mayfair where they first worked together 10 years ago.

“Co-founder Abhi Sangwan has carried that theme through to the drinks list with a cocktail menu inspired by the seven oceans of the world and featuring fresh exotic fruits, botanicals and infusions. The Menaka, with wild hibiscus-infused mescal, vanilla, bitters and jasmine & white peach soda, was smoky and sweet and went down a treat.”



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Manthan’s menu represents home-style cooking and professional techniques. Namely, flavour-packed street food-style bar snacks and sharing plates grace the menu. They sit alongside mouth-watering grills, curries, and a selection of Ghai’s mother’s signature dishes and family recipes.

We also serve cocktails that have been created to complement our dishes. Notably, inspired by the seven oceans of the world, these signature serves are named after them. They feature fresh exotic fruits, grilled and then muddled in the kitchen, along with a range of botanicals and infusions.