Explore Manthan Menu

Manthan menu blends home-style cooking and professional techniques seamlessly. It creates a diverse, delightful dining experience. The curated selection features flavour packed snacks. Subsequently, it invites diners on a journey through India’s vibrant street food culture. Mouth watering grills and curries, prepared with precision, capture the essence of regional flavours.

The Manthan menu pays homage to Chef Rohit Ghai‘s roots. It features his mother’s signature dishes, adding a personal touch to the culinary journey. It fosters nostalgia for both the chef and diners. In fact, indulge in street food-inspired snacks. Savour the warmth of home-style dishes at Manthan, promising an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

A Journey in Every Glass at Manthan

Indulge in delightful beverage experiences at Manthan. In other words, our cocktails are crafted to complement our diverse menu. Drawing inspiration from the seven oceans, our signature serves are more than drinks. They are a journey in a glass. Each cocktail is named after a specific ocean, featuring a captivating combination of fresh exotic fruits grilled and expertly muddled in our kitchen.

Our mixologists infuse creations with diverse botanicals. Moreover, this creates a symphony of flavours that harmonize with culinary offerings. Sip on ocean-inspired concoctions. All in all, let the immersive flavours transport you to culinary excellence at Manthan.

Ocean-Inspired Cocktails at Manthan

Delight in unique beverage experiences at Manthan, where cocktails complement the diverse menu. Drawing inspiration from the seven oceans, each signature serve is a journey in a glass, named after a specific ocean. For example, expertly crafted with fresh exotic fruits, cocktails at Manthan create a symphony of flavours.

Diverse botanical infusions enhance the immersive taste experience. Moreover, immerse yourself in ocean-inspired concoctions that transport you to culinary excellence at Manthan. All in all, sip on these immersive flavours and let the captivating journey elevate your dining experience to extraordinary heights.