Tarkari – Cookbook

The renowned Tarkari Cookbook, inspired by India’s rich food scene, solidified Rohit Ghai’s reputation as a culinary expert. In fact, he showcases colourful, flavour-rich curries, featuring classic and lesser-known flavours. Rohit’s first book, ‘Tarkari,’ meaning ‘vegetable’ in Urdu, similarly celebrates this diverse heritage but on a more personal, homely note. All in all, packed with innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes, it pays homage to the food his parents ate. Moreover, it invites readers to embrace the authentic flavours of Indian cuisine and create memorable culinary experiences at home.


Explore Tarkari Cookbook

Manthan’s culinary offerings, as highlighted in the Tarkari Cookbook, showcase a fusion of home-style cooking and refined professional techniques. The menu caters to diverse palates. Furthermore, immerse yourself in Manthan’s vibrant world. The menu features street food-style snacks, invites sharing plates, and offers delectable grills and curries. Chef Rohit Ghai‘s personal touch is evident, including his mother’s signature dishes and cherished family recipes, adding authenticity. Each item on the menu is meticulously crafted, ensuring a memorable and delightful culinary journey for every guest at Manthan. Moreover, it reflects a commitment to creating an extraordinary dining experience with each visit.

Signature Cocktails at Our Culinary Haven

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to the expert blending of the finest botanicals into our signature cocktails. This meticulous process ensures a harmonious fusion of flavours, creating an unparalleled dining experience that captivates the senses and delights discerning palates. Additionally, our mixologists continually explore new and innovative combinations. All in all, they introduce seasonal variations that surprise and elevate the overall culinary adventure at every visit. The dynamic cocktail menu reflects our dedication to providing a diverse and ever-evolving experience for our patrons.

Moreover, our mixologists actively engage with seasonal ingredients, crafting inventive cocktails that complement our evolving menu. This dynamic interplay between the kitchen and the bar ensures a synchronized experience. In other words, the flavours in each glass harmonize with the culinary offerings. As a result, our commitment to innovation ensures that every visit to our establishment becomes a delightful exploration of tastes and textures.